In china,a lot of instrument was used to gua sha by ancient people. they are includding bellow instrument.

1,Ramie, Flax, Cotton Thread
3,Bow, Porcelain Spoon, Back side of comb
4,Shell of small clam
5,sandalwood, a small buffalo horn plate and so on.

For Lubricant, People used bellow materials.. water,Edible Oil, Essential Oil, Alcohol,

Today, the gua sha tools are improved a lot and there are many type of gua sha tools with different material, Among them, the most widely used instrument is green jade and horn material gua sha tools. These tools are very popular in china and the price is also cheap.

For high class gua sha tool material, the obsidian and basalt stone is widely used in high Class Clinic and SPA Beauty Salon..Basalt stone is help to the enhancement of energy of human body. So this material is also widely used in western contry for hot and cold therapy or massage therapy too. Obsidian Material is Extremely protective. Transmutes negative to positive. Repels negative spirits, energy, habits. Aids pain relief.